The best camera?

Is … “the one you have with you.” I’m not sure where I heard it first, but I will attribute this quote this time to Derrick Story, who has made the statement on more than one occasion on his podcast, The Digital Story. I heard him — and went out an bought a Canon G9 to take with me when I didn’t feel like packing my Canon 5D. There are too many times when I am out and about and wish I had a camera.

One day recently, I went for a walk following a pretty good thunderstorm and guess what? I left both the Canons behind. And … the clouds (around sunset) where spectacular.

I usually take these walks while listening to photography related podcasts and recently I have been forsaking my two iPods in favor of my iPhone. Clouds roll along, the sun drops — no time to go back and grab one of the Canons — so the iPhone is it.

As I was framing up the shots, I was cursing myself for not having a real camera. After reviewing the shots I thought, “Hey these are kind of interesting.” Not every photograph needs to be “picture perfect” technically to mark a moment or tell a story. Besides, primitive image making tools are in vogue these days — check out how many pinhole and Holga groups there are on Flickr … not to mention all those camera phones.

cloudscape three

Happy Birthday Mr. Rundgren

Todd Rundgren turns 60 today. Happy birthday Todd.

Todd Rundgren 1977

12/29/1977 — Todd Rundgren


Utopia 1977

12/29/1977 — left to right: Roger Powell, John Wilcox, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton


I scanned a couple of slides this morning from a Utopia concert on December 29, 1977 at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ. The tour was following the summer 1977 release of the Utopia album, Oops! Wrong Planet, which followed up the album Ra which was released earlier the same year (the pyramid set in the second photo is from the Ra tour — there was a set and wardrobe change during the show).