Happy Birthday Mr. Rundgren

Todd Rundgren turns 60 today. Happy birthday Todd.

Todd Rundgren 1977

12/29/1977 — Todd Rundgren


Utopia 1977

12/29/1977 — left to right: Roger Powell, John Wilcox, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton


I scanned a couple of slides this morning from a Utopia concert on December 29, 1977 at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ. The tour was following the summer 1977 release of the Utopia album, Oops! Wrong Planet, which followed up the album Ra which was released earlier the same year (the pyramid set in the second photo is from the Ra tour — there was a set and wardrobe change during the show).

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Mr. Rundgren

  1. I was at that show. We drove out from Long Island. LOVED The Capitol! Do you have any more shots? Maybe from the earlier all RA shows from that spring/summer …Palladium-Calderone/May? Paramount/July?

  2. I saw that tour- the MPLS Leg on Oct 22nd of 77. I’ve spoken to others about the pyramid set-now I saw it again. Thanks for that wonderful capture.

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