The best camera?

Is … “the one you have with you.” I’m not sure where I heard it first, but I will attribute this quote this time to Derrick Story, who has made the statement on more than one occasion on his podcast, The Digital Story. I heard him — and went out an bought a Canon G9 to take with me when I didn’t feel like packing my Canon 5D. There are too many times when I am out and about and wish I had a camera.

One day recently, I went for a walk following a pretty good thunderstorm and guess what? I left both the Canons behind. And … the clouds (around sunset) where spectacular.

I usually take these walks while listening to photography related podcasts and recently I have been forsaking my two iPods in favor of my iPhone. Clouds roll along, the sun drops — no time to go back and grab one of the Canons — so the iPhone is it.

As I was framing up the shots, I was cursing myself for not having a real camera. After reviewing the shots I thought, “Hey these are kind of interesting.” Not every photograph needs to be “picture perfect” technically to mark a moment or tell a story. Besides, primitive image making tools are in vogue these days — check out how many pinhole and Holga groups there are on Flickr … not to mention all those camera phones.

cloudscape three

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