Remember where you put those negatives!

Somewhere I have negatives from a baseball game in 1974 that include shots of my favorite player. (Picking a favorite player was a very important decision for a young wannabe ballplayer.) Yesterday, Bobby Murcer of the New York Yankees died after battling brain cancer for the past year and a half.

Somewhere I have negatives from the summer (of 1975) after graduating from high school of a bunch of kids hanging out, striking poses, playing softball — doing what kids do during a summer in the city. Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of my friend Jay Karabel, who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Somewhere I have negatives that I spent hours in the darkroom printing from the period when my interest in photography really stepped up (1975-1980). I heard the news this week that my frequent partner during those darkroom sessions, my friend John Ratjen, died on March 8, 2007 after a long bout with brain cancer.

Remember where you put those negatives. Remember what is important. Remember your friends.


Photo by Benjamin Kabak


The 3 amigos

Rick Brandt, John Ratjen, Gio Cocca, circa 1980, Bronx, NY.

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