Has it been two weeks already?

Boy, does time fly when you’re swamped. I’ve been back in the daily grind since landing from Denver last Monday returning from the first photography workshop I attended. The workshop, conducted by Chris Marquardt, is titled “Learning to See.” (I heard about the workshop from Chris’ popular podcast, tips from the top floor.) The primary topic of this particular workshop was landscape photography.

The workshop was a terrific experience and I recommended to anyone who who wants to get the most out of their digital camera to consider attending one. While Chris covered photography fundamentals related to how to use your camera (ie, exposure, depth of field, white balance), this was not a gear-fest (even though there was no shortage of high-end gear present) and the focus of the workshop was not solely on technique. We spent a good deal of our day reviewing photo assignments and discussing what makes a good photograph — composition and a clear subject were high on the list.

I don’t know if this is a regular component of Chris’ workshops, but I really enjoyed the video profiles (of photographers of course) he showed the group. I think that it is just as valuable to hear about the creative thinking process and what motivates artists to do what they do as it is to learn about f-stops and syncing strobes — probably more valuable in my opinion.

I am sitting on scores of un-processed frames from our excursion day to Rocky Mountain National Park. As was the routine for the week, we only submitted one photograph from a given assignment for a group review. The first photo below is my pick from the day-trip to the park. I will post more when I get the time to work on the shots.

good morning from Colorado

Sunrise at Rocky Mountain National Park


Sunday Ride

Our last assignment — return to the subject of our first assignment and look again.

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