The Price of Freedom

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall comes to Penn State.


Dan Leri
Executive Producer for Innovation Park

Rick Brandt
Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor

Michael Schafer, U.S. Army

Time-lapse Photography
Corey Johnston

Veteran Interviews
Vincent Tedesco, U.S. Army
Paul Johnson, U.S. Navy
George Montgomery, U.S. Army

Interviews directed by Michael Schafer

Saluting Marine
Gregory Bond, U.S.M.C.

Premium Beat

Fran & Jon

Fran and Jon’s wedding on October 5, 2013 at the Stone Creek Valley Lions Club in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA.

Filmed with a Pro8mm Classic Camera in Max 8 (16:9) on Pro8mm / Kodak negative stock (Pro8 / 03, 07, 19). Processing and scanning by Pro8mm.

Edited with Final Cut Pro X with Nattress and CrumplePop plugins (note: all grain is 100% natural).

Music — “A Beautiful Life (Acoustic)” by Justin James. Licensed through